5% Solution


Take advantage of our extensive network of investors and industry contacts and use our services to assist you in securing financing for your cash flow needs at a quoted commission rate based on the total amount that we get delivered to you. There are no upfront fees for our services, and only a fee when funds are delivered to you. Our referral fee is seperate from the lender's fees for financing the funding.

A minimum funding amount of $10K applies, except for invoices, accounts receivables and purchase orders where no mimimum factoring amount is required (see Bus. Collectibles, Medical Receivables, Retail Installments, and our Factoring FAQ).

Download the Cash Flow People GroupTM % Solution Contract and the Funding Information Form (FIF). Please be as descriptive as possible on the FIF. Use additional sheets as necessary.

Get up to $1500 Today for Anything!!!

For funding (does not include real estate or hard money loans, financing for motion pictures, movies, film, or videos):  
                 $ 10K - $24.99K, use our 1% Solution
                 $25K - $99.99K, use our 2% Solution
                 $100k - $299.99K, use our 3% Solution
                 $300K - $999.99K, use our 4% Solution
                 $1M - $4.99M, use our 5% Solution
                 $5M - $9.99M, use our 5.5% Solution
                 $10M - $49.99M, use our 6% Solution
                 $50M - $99.99M, use our 6.5% Solution
                 $100M - $149.99M, use our 7.0% Solution
                 $150M - $199.99M, use our 7.5% Solution
                 $200M - $249.99M, use our 8% Solution
                 $250M -$299.99M,, use our 9% Solution
                 $300M and above, use our 10% Solution

For Business, Personal, and Estate asset Auctions, use our 3% Solution*.

For Selling your Business, use our 2% Solution  (see our Business Asset Transaction (BAT)TM Service)

For multiple properties, use our
                    Real Estate % Solution

For other individual Real Estate transactions:
                 $50K - $499.99K, use our 4.75% Solution
                 $5M - $4.99M, use our 5% Solution
                 $5M - $9.99M, use our 5.25% Solution
                 $10M - $49.99M, use our 5.5% Solution
                 $50M - $99.99M, use our 5.75% Solution
                 $100M and above, use our 6% Solution

For Equity or other financing for motion pictures, movies, film, or videos, use our 5% Solution. A production package with documentation and financials may be delivered electronically upon our request after receipt of the contract. No unsolicited packages please.

Referral fees for Hard Money Loans:
                 $ 50k - $99.99k, use our 1.5% Solution
                 $100K - $999.99K, use our 1.75% Solution
                 $1M - $4.99M, use our 2% Solution
                 $5M - $9.99M, use our 2.25% Solution
                 $10M - $24.99M, use our 2.5% Solution
                 $25M - $49.99M, use our 2.75% Solution
                 $50M - $99.99M, use our 3% Solution
                 $100 - $149.99M, use our 3.25% Solution
                 $150 and above, use our 3.5% Solution

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Auto Portfolio LOAN FORM

* fee will be added to buyer's premium. A minimum asset value applies


As you well know, idle money doesn't grow on it's own. With all of the funding requests that we receive, we can match your investment goals to the perfect pre-qualified leads. Contact us today for our referral fee rates and take the guesswork out of the "fund or not to fund" equation.