These forms of cash flow funding typically involve business to business, business to individual, or business to Government transactions.  In addition to existing cash flow streams, transactions may include other business funding options, credit card receivables and merchant cash advances to equipment leasing. Contact a certified Cash Flow consultant for assistance today!

Business Collectibles NotesBusiness Collectibles Notes
Are the payment delays to your accounts receivables negatively impacting your business cash flow? Fill out the Business Collectibles Notes Worksheet and turn your invoices into a business asset instead of a cash flow liability.

Business Equipment NotesBusiness Equipment Notes
Updating or looking to lease newer business equipment? If you have recently sold business equipment that you are still holding a note for, fill out the Business Equipment Note Worksheet

Business NotesBusiness Notes
The financed sale of a business can generate a cash flow opportunity. If you have recently sold a business and you are financing the note,  you can investigate your funding options by filling out the Business Note Worksheet.

Business Vehicle NotesBusiness Vehicle Notes
Maximize your benefit from the financed sale of business vehicles. If you have recently sold a business vehicle and you are still holding a note for it, fill out the Business Vehicle Note Worksheet

Cellular Tower LeasesCellular Tower Leases
If you are currently leasing cell tower access, our funding resources can provide upfront operating capital based on your future incoming lease receivables. Download and fill out the Commercial Lease Submission Worksheet.

International BusinessInternational Business
We can provide the financial edge you need to profit from a worldwide supply chain of goods and services. You can maximize your available operating capital by leveraging your future income streams. International receivables financing and factoring are our specialty.

Medical ReceivablesLetters of Credit
When opportunity knocks, you absolutely have to act fast. and you need to know you have a guarantee of the financial backing that will be required. Our funding resources provide that security through issuing Letters of Credit.

Medical ReceivablesMedical Receivables
Increase your cash flow through the leverage in your medical services and medical supply invoices, fill out the Collectables Note Submission Worksheet.

International BusinessVenture Capital
We can match your needs to the funding sources required to get your project off the ground. Our % Solution for securing a Venture Capital funding source will allow you to focus on your business while we focus on having our funding sources put forward their best financial solutions to meet your needs.

Contact a certified Cash Flow consultant for assistance today!