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You now have access to a wealth of information on a variety of unique funding resources and programs specially tailored to quickly assist you with even your most demanding business and personal financial needs. Contact information for Certified Cash Flow Consultants, with informative web pages that detail their areas of expertise, are available along with additional business tools and financial resources.


These forms of cash flow funding typically involve business to business, business to individual, or to Government transactions. In addition to existing cash flow streams, transactions may include other business funding options, credit card receivables and merchant cash advances to equipment leasing.


These cash flow opportunities are all associated with consumer to consumer or consumer to business transactions. They can provide the means to convert current and delinquent debt to cash.


Take advantage of our extensive network of investors and industry contacts and use our services to assist you in securing financing for your cash flow needs, at a quoted commission rate (as low as 1%) based on the total amount that we get delivered to you. There are no upfront fees for our services, and only a fee when funds are delivered to you. Our referral fee is separate from the lender's fees for financing the funding. Click here for our rates.


We have these and many more resources for buying, selling, and investing:

Joint Venture (JV) Development up to 100% LTC
Private Equity 
/ Angel Investors / Venture Capital
 / Health Care Project Financing
Domestic and International Financing
REOs ($5MM and up)
Options for Up to 100% Financing for Commercial Real Estate
Land / Construction / Multi-Unit / Hotels / Resorts
Private Mortgages / Notes (Performing and Non-performing)
Diamonds / Gemstones
Gold / gold bullion /gold dust / gold bars
Mining Financing
Monetization of In-Ground or Above Ground Assets
Loans against Stock and Other Assets
Oil - Diesel - D2 / JP54 / JPA1 / MT100 / MAZUT / EN90
Sugar (ICUMSA) / UREA / Cement / HMS 1 & 2 and more...
JV Investors for Commodities Transactions 

Investment Opportunities:
Alternative Energy / Cleantech / IT projects
(Biomass / Biofuel-Biodiesel / Wind / Solar / Hydro-Water)
Stocks / Bonds / IPO / PPP
Trade Platforms
Seasoned Funds / Shell Companies
SBLC's, BG's, MTN's
Proof of Funds (POF) / Verification of Deposit (VOD)
Business Cash Advances and Loans
(up to 150% of Monthly Revenue)
Film Financing
Equity / Debt Financing
JV Partnerships


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